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Current List of Features Included:

  • Disable fingerprint reader
  • Prevent the taking of screenshots
  • Disable app stores
  • Notify parent of any new app installation
  • Disable ALL SMS texting on Android Samsung
  • Block SMS & calls to/from contacts on Android Samsung
  • Show current battery condition
  • Disable all apps & games (including non-internet apps)
  • See WiFi & Data Usage
  • SafeWiFi - works seamless with protected school networks
  • Premium 24/7/365 support

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  • Block Porn/Nudity Categories
  • Filter web content of 30+ categories
  • Filter YouTube Videos
  • Force VPN On
  • Self-provided online support
  • Provides last known location info
  • Custom Scheduler
  • Timeout
  • Profiled app and game blocking
  • Whitelist & Blacklist Websites
  • Disable device camera
  • Hide or disable the web browser
  • Prevent installation of apps

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